Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Repair Door Frame That Cat Scratched On How Do You Touch Up Or Repair An Interior Door Frame?

How do you touch up or repair an interior door frame? - how to repair door frame that cat scratched on

My beautiful cat, the door to my apartment, is used as scratching posts, I need to repair the damage without replacing the door and asked what could be done. I'm not quite sure that only the color on the damage that makes a difference because they are fairly deep scratches.

Thank you all in advance!


Clarence Oddbody said...

Under the assumption that it is a framework of wooden door:

Get some wood putty. Use a spatula, the scratches, like a meringue pie filling (sort of). Press the putty into the scratches. Let dry. Sand the putty with medium and fine sandpaper. Putty Repeat if necessary. First table, the entire door frame of the final painting.

Wood is a standard product putty. Ask it at Home Depot or your hardware store on the ground.

80's kid said...

Wood filler works hard, but it is a good answer. However, when I with such problems in rental housing, I Get "mixed-use compound of the alias record together. Get a small bucket with this in any hardware store or renovation. It is a" lightweight "/" quick drying "type , I use this. Buy a spatula, and scrape the spread of this connection. Let dry completely. Then the sand until smooth, and repeat the process again if necessary 1. After the paint.

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